History of Oruro City

Oruro is a town in Bolivia, located halfway of La Paz and Sucre. This city is approximately 3, 709 meters above sea level, and was established on November 1st, 1606. The aim of starting the town was to serve as a silver mining center for the Urus region. During its early years, silver mining made the town to flourish in richness. But with the exhaustion of the silver mines, the town was abandoned.


Later in the end of the 19th century, the town was re-established by the Bolivians as a tin mining center. The name Oruro comes from the native tribe Uru-Uru who occupied this area. La Salvadora tin mine was once the main source of tin across the globe. As the tin mine declined, the city’s glory once again diminished.


Economy in the City

Economically, Oruro depends on mining activities as its backbone for success. In the late 19th century, however, the town turned to become a center of tourist attraction. The economy of the town is later improved through trade with Chile, and export of products to the Pacific markets. With the improved roads and railway transport, the town has now turned to be an important way station for goods from Brazil, port of Santos, Santa Cruz and Puerto Suarez.


Oruro’s Culture


Oruro city is rich in attractive traditional cultures such as the Carnaval de Oruro. The event is considered to be among the greatest folkloric events based in South America. As a result, it is a source of tourists to the city. Tourists have also been visiting the town to see minerals and even fossils. The city is also considered as a center for better education attracting thousands of many students across the South America region and beyond.


Oruro Climate Experience


The town is known of its cold weather, with warm temperatures on the months of August to October. On the month of May to July, the town experiences temperatures of up to -20 degrees. Snow occurrence, however, does not happen as much as the bitter cold nights.


Oruro town is one of the best places to visit when on vacation. Visit the town for your vacation and enjoy their rich culture during summer holidays, and you will love being there.